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 UPDATE... Thank you for your comments and support! HAPPY 2020! Wishing you ALL a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Since I last saw Afif this past July, so much has happened... 2019 has proven to be a whirlwind of excitement and success for the subject my biography, Afif Benbadra and for me. As much as I wanted to post about his amazing adventure, confidential privilege, secured film contracts, and privacy restrictions would not allow me to do so.

Though I have not posted, we have been working very hard on our writing project! So, without adieu, I present my bio subject, collaborator and dear friend, Afif Benbadra… ENJOY!

Brother’s Sister of Jacques Audiard with JOAQUIN PHOENIX, filmed in Spain. Afif’s role is a splendid Native American, who passes very close to the heroes of the movie without being seen.

Paris Police 1900 is a new series that will appear on the French channel, Canal. Afif worked with the impressive and famous French stunt coordinator, PHILIPPE GUEGAN (see IMDB for impressive filmography.) Afif and Phillip have successfully worked together for the past 30 years.

Scenes from French series Plus Belle La Vie. Before Afif goes on-set, he must repeat his lines with script coach, Corrine.

No Hablo American is a medium film that Afif and I watched during my last visit to France, this past July.  He plays an intimidating, fearsome and heartless bounty hunter. The story that takes place in America, but was actually filmed in the South of France.

Just this past Friday, January 10th, Afif was in Brussels. Once again, he played his most acclaimed role of a mobster. Afif’s intriguing look usually casts him as the “bad guy,” i.e., Taken, Sherlock Holmes and 10,000 B.C. In truth, he is one of the kindest, intelligent and empathetic people I have ever known.

ANNOUNCEMENT... 2nd Writing project

INTRODUCING... Afif Ben Badra - Actor, Artist, Advocate.


After Afif reviewed my detailed book proposal, book layout, project outline and scheduled agenda, he graciously agreed to have me write his authorized biography. This undertaking is such an honor and a huge opportunity for both of us.  Afif is a charismatic actor, talented horseman, gifted singer and passionate advocate for social, animal and environmental issues. He has  been featured in such films as 10,000 B.C, Sherlock Holmes and Taken plus many French films. I will not blog about this project, but I will post updates... Stay tuned!

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows


Director, Guy Ritchie guides us through this 2011 thrilling crime, star studded film. Starring Afif Ben Badra as Tamas, Robert Downey, Jr., and Jude Law.

10,000 B.C.


Famed film legend, Omar Sharif narrates this 2008  thrilling epic fantasy starring Afif as the intense warlord.

About My 1st Trilogy... Memories In The Mist of Time...


An editor, friend and successful author from Boulder, Colorado and I discussed how difficult it  is to pigeonhole our stories into a single genre.  My  1st  novel  transcends  the boundaries of Romance, Tragedy, Personal Narrative, Drama,  Murder Mystery and Sci-Fi. Perhaps it best fits the genre of Paranormal Romance. Your thoughts?


 1955, Warner Brothers Studios, Lot #29, Burbank, California. Joc Butler the lead actor in the television Western, Durango Trail, discovers a young lady, unconscious behind his Jaguar. From that moment, Joc and Claire are thrust into a journey of love, loss, discovery, and deception. Together they share experiences from ritzy movie premiers in New York City to uncovering a mystical murder in the 1800's at the Rancho Del Caravanserai in Arizona.  Destiny will lead them from 1955 to her disappearance in 1975, and their son reuniting them in 2015. 


Currently, Vol. I of III is complete.  As of Jan. 2019, I am over half-way through Vol. II. Edit, edit, edit, and hopefully publishing after the first of the year 2020. Coinciding this writing project with my authorized biography of Afif Ben Badra. Projected completion date for biography manuscript, Feb. 2020.


 "London's natural gifts go way beyond her exceptional writing skills, due to her "Depth of Feeling," coupled synergistically with a Mind with above average REASONING ability. London can find "Meaning" in everything she explores. She is rare, with many abilities... Indeed."


"I am a voracious reader and my passions flow across many topics. With that being said, I am so happy that I discovered the writings of London Litcott. What intrigued me right from the start is her skill at creating a sense of place so that the reader softly but quickly feels themselves entering where London wants you to reside while enjoying her work.

She knows how to describe the feelings of those characters she creates and the reader can almost smell the flowers and hear the soothing sounds of the locale in the story. I can't wait to read what she creates next....."


 loT from Idealization to Implementation - VERIZON New York City, New York.

"One of the best in her field, I would highly recommend!"


Owner at Howard Wiggins Interior Design, Greater Nashville Area, TN

"London is a writer with a voice reflective of who she is. Her writing is evocative, her prose has an emotional punch. Her detail in descriptive narrative paints a picture that is crystal clear. A picture the reader will find her or himself immersed into without effort. An immersion that allows you to see the brightness of the sun and feel its warmth as it bakes you. That allows you to wonder at the jewel-like luster of the stars above, as you shiver in the cold night breeze, hearing it hushing in the leaves. Prose that invites you as a reader to participate, not just read.

As a fellow developing writer, it has been enjoyable to watch the evolution of London’s craft. A craft that is quite advanced for one in the early stages of a writing career. Her thirst for knowledge and her willingness to accept the opinions of others have done her service.

As an individual, she is confident, upbeat, and passionate in her endeavors. She has an abiding love for life (both her own and others—human and otherwise), and she is a doer. A woman of action. She also is an uncommonly accepting and kind person. One who is willing to see people as they are, withholding judgment. An exceptional person."


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Clinician, Afton, Wyoming

Experienced Writer of novels, short stories, essays, reflections and articles.

 "I have known London and her work for many years. She is passionate about her topics and pours herself into her writing, and it shows. If she has chosen a subject, you can be sure she has fully immersed herself to the point of knowing every detail and nuance possible. I look forward to seeing where her newest projects take her, and plan to be one of the first to read and enjoy her future work. "


Regional Director

Greater Atlanta Area

1st Story Submission - Chicken Soup For The Soul

Messages from Heaven... Blossom's Kiss for Baby Bogart


Wind gusts up to seventy mph blew in, out and around the two-stall run-in barn in Fort Collins, Colorado. The dreaded freezing sleet tore through the icy air like shards of glass on that frigid April day, 2018. Dr. Bass from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital asked me to move from where I had been sitting for hours in the fresh chips of hewn cedar. “You are going to want to hold her head from behind, as the death of equines can be unpredictable,” he warned. My heart was balled up into the tightest knot of panic, pain, and anger. “How could my precious, five-year-old donkey, Blossom deteriorate from a healthy, happy, loving, precious soul to a ghostly shadow?” I asked myself, holding her, kissing her eyelids, and praying with all my soul to spare my gentle creature, mother to Baby Bogart, and brave survivor of horse slaughter!

           My tears froze seconds after they landed on Blossom’s face, all the while, Bogart her baby was braying (crying,) pacing back and forth. He looked to me for answers with his huge chocolate eyes and long eyelashes, glistening with tiny snowflakes; I had none to give. The minutes and seconds leading up to her final breath left me feeling helpless and desperate to hang on. My mind drifted back to the beautiful summer of 2016, the day Blossom’s long eighteen-hour trip across five states ended. Terrified, skinny, and abused, the pale gray donkey stepped for the first time onto a lush pasture of Timothy Hay, a light cool breeze and a large pale of fresh water waiting for her. Looking into the depths of Blossom’s dark eyes, I understood how grateful she was; it was love at first sight for me. If it hadn’t been for the amazing network of equine rescue friends helping me, Blossom would have been loaded on a stifling, suffocating truck, bound for slaughter in Mexico.

Baby Bogart was born soon after her arrival in Colorado. The maternal bond between Blossom and Baby Bogart was immediate, and a gift from God. Bogart had the longest, nimbly legs with long ears that were out of proportion to his soft little body, huge, dark eyes, and bangs above his brow. He almost looked like a caricature of Salvador Dali. I marveled at the loving connection my two donkeys shared, and I felt so blessed that they were now, here, no longer in harm's way. I wanted the story of Blossom’s plight to be shared, felt and understood by others. Thus my mission to save the helpless and discarded equines began. Blossom endured so much terror, pain, and fear at the hands of those meant to profit from her flesh, but, here she was free, happy and loved; I couldn’t lose her now! Surrounded by vet students, Dr. Bass loaded his syringe with the deadly cocktail that would transcend Blossom from the agonizing pain of liver-failure to freedom. Once again, she would be free from agony and sorrow.

The storm raging outside of Blossom’s stall was getting worse, and my other horses whinnied, ran and bucked; sensing the impending death of their friend. Dr. Bass was very thorough in his explaining of the process. All I could do was hold on, and be the voice of comfort, love, and strength. I can’t remember a time that I cried so hard! Within seconds, Blossom lifted her head, threw it back, opened her mouth wide, and stiffened her limbs; it was over. I could still see my reflection in her eyes as I held her tight and cried, “I love you, I love you, please forgive me.” Dr. Bass pronounced her death, then quietly, and respectfully the veterinary team left me with my beloved Blossom and her baby, who couldn’t understand why she didn’t move. Though he tried to nuzzle and gently strike his hoof on her to make her move, his loving gestures were in vain.

“Had all that I tried to accomplish been just as vain?” I asked myself. Losing Blossom was devastating and not being able to soothe or console her baby was even more heartbreaking. “Bogart, sweetheart, I’m sorry! I love you!” was all I could say. I continued to cradle Blossom’s head and said my prayers of goodbye. Before I knew it, Bogart was at my side; he nudged my cheek with his velvety nose, he gazed at me with those marvelous eyes and curled up alongside Blossom and me. I decided it was time for me to leave and give Bogart the time to grieve and accept that Blossom was gone. I stepped out into the gusty storm, feeling numb and exhausted. Before leaving the corrals, I comforted the other horses, who had calmed down, and were curious about the sight of Blossom and Bogart. The wind blew the massive gate out of my hand and into the side of the fence. I turned to grab and close it, and as I did, the most remarkable event occurred. The winds died down, the raging storm stopped, and the clouds opened, casting the sun’s loving warmth down upon our property. I couldn’t believe it!

I looked back at the scene of my horses standing before the stall opening as if they were paying their respects and comforting Bogart. As I opened the door to the house, a sudden and a gentle breeze swirled around me, it took my breath away. At that very same moment, the silence of the barn was broken by the sound of Bogart braying, several times in a row. It was the most surreal experience that I had ever witnessed. For me, it was Blossom saying goodbye and blowing her baby a kiss… Blossom’s kiss for baby Bogart. Blossom’s story didn’t end that April day, but it inspired me to continue to write, speak and help others understand the horror of horse slaughter. It takes only one random act of kindness to change, help and save the life of an animal. Giving a voice to the voiceless is my commitment to Blossom, Bogart and all the unwanted equines.  

 Awareness about the dark horrors of Horse & Donkey Slaughter! Plight! Fight! Right for Survival.

 Awareness about the dark horrors of Horse & Donkey Slaughter! Plight! Fight! Right for Survival.

About Me

My background

A Colorado Native, I traveled as a teen, working in the world of High Fashion Modeling in Denver, New York City, and Milan. Later, I earned my B.S. in Design from Colorado State University.

I have been very blessed with my amazing family, whose love and support, inspires me to strive for success, every day.

From a very young age, I have dedicated myself to saving animals, standing up to injustice and always striving to touch the lives of others through random acts of kindness.

I believe that life is a gift to be experienced, treasured and shared. I am passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless and extending my gift of love, empathy, and understanding to people and animals alike.

Currently, I am a member of CIPA, Colorado Independent Publishers Association, working on my 1st novel and completing three other writing projects.

My writing roots

Growing up in the glorious Rocky Mountains, I was not allowed to watch TV. My parents insisted that I use my mind and imagination for entertainment. Therefore, I spent hours with my four St. Bernards on many adventures as a pioneer, Native American, outlaw and famous explorer. We traversed steep rocky slopes, sparse glacier fields and abandoned silver mines; saving the world.

As I left the safety of my childhood, the cruel realities that faced the animals all over the world sparked my desire to bring about change. Writing is one way to accomplish my goals. However, I lacked the courage of my convictions of becoming a serious author, until now. 

I wrote the prologue for my 1st book, and after reading it, my family insisted that I follow my pursuits. I also have so many other literary interests that I yearn to write about: Our world, science, relationships, music, sports, art, travel and mystery. My books showcase all of these topics.

My style

 "In the multi-faceted world of Literature, how does one distinguish oneself as a valued, purposeful, dynamic and engaging narrator?" 

"I believe that a writer must skillfully vociferate meaning, purposeful renditions, powerful insight with engaging commentary. It is critical to have the literary skills to paint mind evoking images that excite the mind and ignites the reader's desire to be engaged, be inspired, bring about change and act!"          


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